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Credit Card Application Guide

November 1st, 2009

credit card application guideMany people will head down to the local office of the banks or credit card companies when they want to apply for a credit card. If there is a long queue, they will have to wait in line for their turn to submit their applications. Alternatively, they can call up their customer service hotlines and request for an application form to be mail to their home addresses.

As more and more households have access to the Internet, these card issuers begin to offer online credit card applications. This method allows them reach a broader base of potential customers, especially the younger generation that is more computer savvy.

Since everything is computerized and automated, the processing of the application is usually much faster and more efficient. By simply clicking a button to bring up the application form, you can fill it up on your computer screen and then click another button to submit it. Unless there are issues with your credit history or errors on the form, you can expect to get your application approved in matter of days instead of weeks.

However, online security remains the primary concern for many Internet users. Contrary to belief, online application is actually very safe and secure. The card issuers spent huge amount of money each year to ensure that their computer system is secure and hackproof.

To have a safer experience, you should only make your online application from your personal computer. Avoid public places such as an Internet cafe. In fact, you should not be doing any high security transaction from any computer located in public places.

When filling out your credit card application, there are some important details that should be considered aside from your name and contact information like the query should you accept every offer or not, the possibility of hidden fees that can be quite expensive and the like

When you apply for a credit card no matter if it is online or through regular mail you have to fill in a series of personal information and answer a few questions. As with any other type of applications it is important to fill in all the spaces with accurate information especially since you sign the application and agree that the information submitted is true. Even if you fill in credit card applications online and you get approved it does not mean that you have instant access to the line of credit. But an application that is correctly filled in will definitely shorten the period of time from the moment you got approved and until you actually receive the money. If you fill in your credit card application online you should make sure the site is secure and you have a firewall. Remember you will be asked to provide personal information about yourself and your household, employers contact and others.

That credit card application can be found all over the Internet and at your local bank. The Internet is a good place to fill out an application for a credit card; however you need to be aware of the scams websites. If you want to be totally safe, you can go to your bank to see if they have available credit card you can apply for. When you find a company that has online bank, you can find applications for there credit cards through there website. The next time you want to apply for a credit card thats worth the time and can be explained about the charges, you should get one through a bank.

Applying For Credit Cards Online: Safety Concerns

March 12th, 2009

manpcEven in this day and age, a lot of people are still uneasy about the idea of applying for credit cards online.  With ever-increasing news of identity theft and similar occurrences, however, can anyone really blame them?

For the most part, though, most identity theft happens through means other than what you put on the forms of legitimate sites in your browser.  In fact, it’s more likely that the credit card application you send via the postal service will put you at higher risk.   Advances in secure e-commerce now ensure that there is no safer method when applying for a credit card than over the internet.

When you send sensitive personal information over the internet, they’ll usually be encrypted via a technology known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).   SSL, put simply, turns the data sent between you and the bank into a format that can’t be easily intercepted, ensuring that any information exchanged will remain confidential.

Perhaps the one true risk for credit card applicants today are phishing sites.  These malicious web pages masquerade as real business sites for no other purpose than collecting your information and using it for their criminal activities.

To avoid being a victim of phishing, always look closely at any site you are typing your credit card application to.  Make sure they are valid businesses with a physical address and proper accreditation.  A quick search around the web regarding feedback on the site will also be helpful.

If you take these simple precautions, applying for your credit cards online is guaranteed to turn out an amicable experience.