Biodegradable Discover More Card Review

May 3rd, 2009

discoverbioLooking for more ways to reduce your environmental footprint?  How about getting the new earth-friendly Biodegradable Discover More Card.

Unlike regular plastic materials used for cards, the biodegradable credit card is designed to have 99% of its components  break down in regular landfill conditions. It also leaves no toxins that can seep into the soil and water supply.  Put simply, the Biodegradable Discover More Card will leave next-to-nothing in the way of waste once its useful time is over.

A cash back credit card, the Biodegradable Discover More Card offers some pretty good rebates.  Purchases under select categories can get you a 5% money back, with non-specified categories netting you a flat 1%.  Unfortunately, we can’t get a list of the preferred categories at this time, but we expect them to be similar to most of Discovery’s offerings.

There are no limits to the rebates this card allows, so you can use it to earn as much cash back as you want.  Certain online partners even give higher rebates (up to 20%), so make sure to look into that if you are considering getting this account.  The card has no annual fee, six months 0% introductory APR for purchases and twelve months introductory APR for balance transfers.

Should you get the Biodegradable Discover More Card?  If you’re interested in getting a regular Discover More Card, the features of this one are pretty similar, with the added attraction of doing less damage to the environment.  Do note that the “environmental” bit is more a marketing move than any actual green efforts, though – don’t go around calling yourself “green” just because you got one, lest you piss off the wrong people.

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