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In today world of plastic, it is almost necessary to carry credit cards, whether you want to charge your purchases or not. They are almost a necessity for car rentals, motel reservations and for making purchases online. Although you can always print an online order form and mail your order with a check or money, buying with credit cards can bring your purchase to you quicker.

Not everyone however can qualify for credit and with requirements for some credit cards becoming more rigorous, it is becoming harder for those with less than perfect credit scores to obtain one. There are companies making them available with higher interest rates and other charges, but many believe the extra expense is not worth the availability of card.

For many others credit cards are a form of convenience and safety, being able to have access to financing for spur-of-the-moment purchases or for being able to travel without carrying a lot of cash in their pocket.

If you are looking for credit card application, you can search them on our site by different types and from different issuers compared by interest rates, annual fees and credit needed for them. We review credit card offers from top credit card banks and issuers.

If you are not familiar with credit cards, take some time and read our credit card guides.

Latest Credit Card Guides

Credit Card Application Guide

Many people will head down to the local office of the banks or credit card companies when they want to apply for a credit card. If there is a long queue, they will have to wait in line for their turn to submit their applications. Alternatively, they can call up their customer service hotlines and […]

Sabotaging Your Own Credit Card Use

Some people, for one reason or another, seem to unwittingly sabotage their own finances.  I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it – folks who seem to do exactly the wrong things when it comes to wisely looking after their financial success. Look at many people’s credit card behaviors and you can see what we’re talking about. […]

Spreading Debt Across Multiple Balance Transfer Cards

Are you planning to use a balance transfer card?  Most people who do usually find just one card with good terms and use that one account to move all their existing debt into.  While doing that is very beneficial, especially looking towards the future, it does have its drawbacks. Unless you have an exceptionally high […]

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